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Caribeaner kids rock wall


What started as a way to create a fun and easy backyard playset for our kids during the Summer of 2020 has now evolved into CARiBEANERkids.

Our Climbing Wall Kits are parent-designed, high-quality, affordable, and easy to assemble. 

We understand first-hand that shopping for a kid's outdoor playset can be overwhelming and expensive.  As caregivers, we need quality products that will withstand years of weather, tough play, and adventure.

At CARiBEANERkids we have spent hours researching, ordering, and compiling the best materials available so you can enjoy the experience of creating an awesome playset for your kids. 


Stick with us and we will ensure you create amazing backyard adventures for years to come! 

Follow us @caribeanerkids for more inspiration.


- Andy, Joann, Charlie, & Ellie


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