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Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Selecting wood for your CARiBEANER Kids Climbing Wall Kit can feel like a daunting task, but we are here to make it easy for you. Focus on these four factors to save time and make your build even smoother!

1) Width- Despite their name 1-ft x 6-ft wooden boards can range from 5 1/2” to 6” in width. For our Climbing Walls, try to stay as close to 5 ½” as possible. P.S. Our Kit Instructions include great tips for managing your boards even if they are inconsistent in width.

2) Clean Edges- Select wood that has a rectangular shape. Some pieces will have rough edges that round off on the end, or a rough bark appearance. Indentations from the packaging straps may also dig into the edges. Andy’s Pro Tip: the cleanest edges are often found on the inside of the stack.

3) Minimize Knots- Knots are circular and darker imperfections in the wood. A few small knots may provide visual appeal, while larger knots can reduce the strength of the wood and may not provide your desired aesthetic. It is hard to avoid knots altogether, so focus on pieces of wood with fewer, smaller knots. For your 1x6’s, try to avoid knots at the end and middle of the wood, as you will cut these boards in half for your build.

4) Straight Boards- Once you have selected your wood with clean edges and few knots, you will need to determine how straight the board is. To do this, place one end of the wood on the ground and look down the board. The goal is to select the straightest board possible. Look down the wide section first, and then turn the board on its side. Is the wide section of the wood c-shape instead of flat? Does the length and width of the wood run straight or twist? Choose wood that is flat and straight.

Follow these 4 tips to make your lumber selection process easy and effective!

Be sure to tag us at @caribeanerkids and show us your progress!

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