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About our Kids Climbing Wall Kits and Fully Assembled Walls

  • What are the dimensions of the CARiBEANERkids Climbing Wall?
    The overall ground footprint of the assembled CARiBEANERkids Climbing Wall is 8' x 4'. The Rock Wall is 7' tall and when installed, the frame stands 6' tall! Our Climbing Walls contain a Rock Wall, Cargo Net, and Sensory Pod and fit nicely in the smallest of backyards making them great for so many families! Before purchasing our CARiBEANERkids Climbing Wall kit, ensure you have a 20x16" space on level ground (dirt, mulch, grass) to set-up your climbing wall.
  • What materials do you need for the CARiBEANERkids Climbing Wall Kit?
    Our CARiBEANERkids Climbing Wall Kits are designed to be easy-to-assemble and require only one trip to the hardware store. The following items that are not included in your Kit. 14 pieces of wood Six 2" x 6" x 8" pressure treated lumber​ Eight 1" x 6" x 8" pressure treated lumber 6 Tools ​ A circular or miter saw A jigsaw An electric (corded) drill Tape measure Wrench or Socket (3/4 inch) Pen/pencil ​ Optional Items Power Sander Dental Floss Hammer
  • Can you collapse the CARiBEANERkids Climbing Wall after it is assembled?
    Yes. Our Climbing Walls are designed to move and grow with your family and can easily be stored in a garage or shed when not in use or as weather requires. Simply grab a friend, remove Sensory Pod and the ground stakes and fold the Climbing Wall up for easy storage.
  • What is the cost of shipping a CARiBEANERkids Climbing Wall Kit?
    Our Climbing Wall Kits ship free to the U.S. and include everything you need to build except your lumber and a few easy-accessible tools. For a complete list of what you need, visit Our Fully Assembled Climbing Walls include free delivery and installation in Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Manatee County, Florida. Allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. To learn more, visit:
  • What age is the CARiBEANERkids Climbing Wall designed for?
    Our Climbing Wall is recommended for use by children ages 3-10, and we have seen older children enjoy it as well! Children love climbing on the Rock Wall, Cargo Net, and enjoy relaxing in the Sensory Pod.
  • What is the weight limit for the CARiBEAERrkids Climbing Wall?
    The weight limit for the CARiBEANERkids Climbing Wall is as follows: Cargo Net – 200 lbs Rock Wall – 200 lbs Portaledge (Sensory Pod) – 100 pounds
CARiBENERkids Climbing Wall
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