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A close-up of the rock wall on a Caribeaner kids climbing wall

Hi there busy grown-up!


We designed our CARiBEANERkids Climbing Wall Kits with you in mind. We want the experience of creating your own backyard Climbing Wall to be easy, convenient, and fun. Your CARiBEANERkids Kit will contain everything but the 6 assembly tools and 14 pieces of lumber. We took care of the rest to ensure you can make 1 trip to the hardware store. Use our easy-to-follow color printed instructions, designed with a variety of learning styles in mind, to make your assembly experience easy and fun. 

Kit Contents


Climbing Wall Kit

  • 30 colorful climbing holds "beans" and all mounting hardware

  • 1 custom colorful cargo net

  • 4 pre-cut and finished ropes to secure the cargo net to the frame

  • 1 sensory swinging pod with pump and mounting hardware 

  • All bolts, washers, screws and gauge steel frame strengtheners

  • 1 cutting template to ensure accurate cuts and bolt placement

  • 1 speed square for perfect angles

  • 4 ground stakes

  • All necessary drill bits

  • 2 Torx Drivers

  • 1 Allen Key Driver

  • 4 ground anchors

  • Printed, colorful, easy-to-follow-instructions with pictures

Mini (Digital) Build Kit

Digital Build Kit (1).png

  • 1 custom colorful cargo net

  • 1 sensory swinging pod with pump and mounting hardware 

  • Digital, colorful, easy-to-follow-instructions with pictures

14 pieces of wood 

  • Six 2" x 6" x 8' pressure treated lumber​

  • Eight 1" x 6" x 8' pressure treated lumber

NOTE: The width of 1x6’s can vary. Generally, they are 5 ½” but sometimes they can be 5 ¾” It is important you measure all of your boards carefully. We recommend purchasing 5 ½” but have provided additional instructions if your wood is 5 ¾”.

6 Tools ​

  1. A circular or miter saw

  2. A jigsaw

  3. An electric (corded) drill

  4. Tape measure

  5. Wrench or Socket (3/4 inch)

  6. Pen/pencil


  • Power Sander

  • Dental Floss

  • Hammer

Tools You Need


Prepare Your Space



Our Climbing Wall Kits fit nicely in the smallest of backyards making them great for so many families! Before purchasing our CARiBEANERkids Climbing Wall kit, ensure you have a 20'x16' space on level ground (dirt, mulch, grass) to set-up your climbing wall. 

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